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Originally Posted by Lordchezz View Post
Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to know such things. If you look in terms of odds and probabilities, you took a sample of 3 players and there are 30 teams. That would means that theres a 1/10 chance that one of these 3 players would come to Montreal. And yes I know several factors may skew this number a bit, but if you look at the big picture, once again in terms of odds, 1 free agent out of 30 will sign with the Habs. So if there are 60 UFA's, the logic would dictate that we should EXPECT to sign 2. However, like Bob said, expect the unexpected.

I know these numbers don't take into account several factors, but I'm just going by odds in terms of raw number. Anyone who's taken a class in statistics can back me up on this one, I believe.
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