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02-01-2013, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Al Smith View Post
Bortuzzo's played like three NHL games. I'm not sure he's proven his serviceability yet (and he was pretty bad last night). And Despres has played well in the last few games, but was pretty bad in the first couple games and, from most accounts, was equally inconsistent at WBS. And Lovejoy, who will soon be 29 (not old), does have some upside, as he was playing quite well for the Pens before he was hurt, so maybe they think he can get back to that level.
I had hopes for Lovejoy when he came up after an AHL team of the year season. But he he has not improved from being that guy, and the best thing you can say about him is that he has a good character (well liked), skates pretty well and he is a versatile player to have as a depth option.

He has had almost 100 games over a three year period to show us what there is to him, and he has had openings due to injuries where he got to play significant minutes for stretches of a time. We know what he is; that at best he can be injury cover for us. When that is the case and you have players with a much higher ceiling about to be lost for nothing, then the natural gamble is/should and must be to go with that ceiling.

In the greater scheme of things, losing Strait means NOTHING for us. But the way it has gone down is a flag, because the same situation will happen with other good D-prospects shortly. Bortuzzo is obviously not 'confirmed' as an NHL player yet, but while there is uncertainty there, there is also the not far fetched chance that he could be REALLY good, and more so the strengths he has are explicitly those that we have been short on for some years now defensively. You gamble on that every time if it is a question of him or Lovejoy.

Originally Posted by Al Smith View Post
Lovejoy doesn't pick who's on the roster.
I don't get the hate on him either, for the record. There is no reason to dislike a guy who simply fills his role, and he does not suck quite as bad as is being made out either.
To me this isn't about Lovejoy, it is about Shero making completely clear to Bylsma that he isn't losing Bortuzzo like he did Strait.

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