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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
Hudler is vastly more talented, end result has often been negligible because of obvious physical attributes, or lack thereof. Hudler was too easy to play against in the playoffs(the people busy moaning over the "decline" of Pavel and Z probably didn't notice) the last couple of seasons, and his four year deal wouldn't fit this team trying to infuse some home-grown talent in the next two years. Hudler's drive and output never bothered me one bit though, it was just time to move on.
Because, y'know, when we have a) tens of millions in cap space and we can afford to re-sign a talented scoring forward just hitting his prime, and b) a need for top-six scoring, then c) we should instead tell him to go somewhere else because we certainly don't want his kind around here.

But the way I see things unfolding, they didn't replace Hudler with Sammy. They replaced Hudler with Brunner. Brunner to this point has been as good as Hudler was on Z's wing, he's also younger and faster, and Sammy's gonna fit in better on the 3rd line. They got both Brunner and Sammy for the same price as Hudler. Looks like a good deal to me right now.
If Brunner performs this season as well as Hudler has averaged over his past three (pace for 48 points) then Brunner is going to cost what Hudler costs, at minimum.

Originally Posted by crashman View Post
Mostly just eva unit zero.

Jiri Hudler seems to be his only talking point on these boards.

Well, that and hating on the guys the KH signed in his stead.
I like Brunner. I don't like that Holland apparently set aside a certain amount of cap space to go after Suter and Parise, and basically capped himself out of free agency. Hudler's "number" was $3.3m. Holland wouldn't go above it because he "couldn't". Hudler wants a better deal. Holland signs Samuelsson for $3m and pulls the offer from Hudler.

I'm even okay with Mikael Samuelsson; I'm not okay with the price or the fact that Holland felt the need to sign him on day one.

Originally Posted by The Fading Captain View Post
Jiri Hudler was fine in last year's playoffs.
He was better than fine, he was one of four forwards who could be considered a positive contributor.

He sucked as a third or fourth line player playing with unskilled dump and chasers. Anyone surprised by that?
The only time Hudler "sucked" was when he slumped coming back from the KHL, and was put with a slumping Modano. This was exacerbated by the fact that Modano's play style - as I have detailed before - is about as far away from what you what for a center for Hudler as you can get.

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