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02-01-2013, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by johnny_rudeboy View Post
2 offensive d-man does not make the best pair. But as a PP pair they could probably light up a few goalies.
Why do people keep saying this, doesn't it depend on the players, see Rafalski & Neidermeyer, see Rafalski & Lidstrom and also Suter and Weber just for starters.

This is a favorite misconception of many people because offensive d-men are just presumed to be poor defensively. Quality d-men are just that quality d-men and able to contribute in all 3 zones unlike their pylon bretheren. Luke Schenn was drafted as a quality pylon but he was never a quality d-man because his upside was so limited. I believe most teams with more than 1 quality d-men(offensive) do not pair them together because of the inherent weaknesses of the pylon d-men on that team.

I was so hoping TO could get Schultz this summer because a defense of the future consisting of Schultz, Phanny, Reilly and Gardiner would be awesome. Yes they may have to learn the finer points of defense but when they have the puck they know what to do with it, pylon options are pass to their partner or get it out of their zone.
Quality d-men have more options because of their talents. Pylons don't make all-star teams for a reason.

The whole notion of defense is making sure the puck doesn't go in your net and the best way to do that is get it out of your zone. The best defense is an offense.

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