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02-01-2013, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
I guess you havent been watching the leafs this year then, your in for a very rude awakening! I have watched most games this year and I can safely tell you this team is extremely hard working and much better in their own end. We have been close in every game, we lost against the islanders and rangers because we couldn't hold down a lead, but other then that we have been VERY tough to play against. If your expecting a romping tommorow night, your barking up the wrong tree pal, this is going to be a very close game and I wouldn't be surpirsed if it was decided by a goal. I'm not saying the leafs are going to win, you guys are a very tough opponent with no true weakness but what I am saying is your team is in for the fight of its life tommorow night. Win or loss this will definetly be a good game, cheers guys.
No, I haven't watched the Leafs. I'm not particularly concerned with the goings on of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I'm a Bruin fan, posting on a Bruin forum. Novel concept.

"The fight of it's life"? See, this is a difference between a team with a winning record and a recent Stanley Cup versus a team that battles for the division cellar. Every team brings it's best game against the Bruins every night because they've been among the class of the Eastern Conference for the last few years. This is nothing new to anyone who follows the Bruins, and certainly nothing new to the Bruins themselves.

I am expecting a romping. I could be wrong. It happens. It wouldn't be the first time someone on the internet was wrong....pal.

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