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Originally Posted by BadMedicine View Post
That was an excellent game and effort by all.

Game Grade B

Well coached and the system execution was high level, that was playoff hockey.

That game is an example of what will take us to and through the playoffs this year, we were on equal footing for over 60 mins with the best team in the NHL right now.

The shootout and Dubbys 60 minute performance was scary, it showed how easily the Sharks could shoot high and destroy Dubynk, all night they were targeting him in the same places every time he was on his knees and he could not adjust, they didnt overexploit our defenses they simply had the book on Dubby and repeated the same dynamic over and over sucessfully. Maybe we need to see a small quick goaltender if this keeps up, players can get to new shooting positions with better quality officiating which we are seeing leaguewide right now and maybe change is needed.

Freddy Chabot needs to back off and let the players decide what to do in the shootout, it isnt a task that can be controlled via statisticly catalysed tactics or it would have been done that way eons ago. This statistical addiction needs an intervention, first I read about Darkhorse being involved and then I read that Chabot is exerting statisticly catalysed tactics on an integral part of todays NHL game like the shootout and I get very very nervous. Looks like there is trouble in the Henhouse to me. The Oilers need to recognise the seriously limited applications of statistical analysis and stop trying to inject it into their organisation like they have been doing, the value of this data is one dimensional and doesnt warrant very much system attention or application.

Our shootout looked mechanical and impotent our shooters creativity was obviously handcuffed, horrible. They simply kept abusing Dubnyk up high, we didnt get Chabots intervention where we needed it in support of Dubynk pre-shootout or we would have seen the results, instead we got it in detriment to our shootout where we saw negative results. In every instance save two the application of statisticly catalysed tactics will hurt the system and the team. The Oilers need to re-view where they are applying their resources and find a new realtime analytical asset to incorporate, because what they are trying is not working at all, it may be the way the league is trending but stats based analysis is compromised by proxy, there is a very limited application and upside to implementing stats based data into the systems structure and executuon.

We needed support for Dubby after the 2nd goal up high , it was apparent they were shooting from the same positions very early on, where was Freddy when we needed him? Reviewing his stats preparing for the shootout?

And we needed to let our shootout specialists just do their jobs as they know best how to do, at the beginning of a game Chabot can post a list of opposition goaltenders weaknesses and strengths as per his analysis but thats where his input must cease and desist or it will hurt the systems integrity. We cannot exert compromised stats based pressure on our shootout men, we need to exert only peripheral influence in the form of a posted list of options, no more indirect pressure than that, let the players decide how they implement the data just as they decide how to utilise practise policys, trust them more.If we do these things we will avoid all the BadMedicine out there.

Overall the SJ game was very well executed and hopefully is a sign of things to come during this years playoffs when we need to potentially take SJ out of the equation.
Who is accusing who of over analyzing things here??

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