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Originally Posted by Unstable View Post
I am afraid maybe not.

A lot is made by fans and commentators of a short season and the need to get off to a good start etc etc. And yet we can look at the standings and say, objectively, that there are not yet many points between the top and the bottom of the standings.

Yet historical stats back up the "fast start" claim, the fact that the NHL doesn't have that many huge swings in the standings.

Why is this? Because in a sport like hockey, with so much movement, so much team coordination, so many situations where heart and individual effort make a doesn't take that many games for it to be apparent what sort of a team you are.

And this team is awful. Logic tells us they can't be this awful...our hearts desperately want us to believe that tomorrow or next week they won't be this awful. But when all is said and done...why on earth should we actually think anything will change, or at least change enough? EVERY player is finding some way to do EVERY little thing JUST A TINY BIT wrong, but that's wrong enough.

They need to play 100% of the time. They need to battle on the boards. They need to complete clears. They need to complete passes. If one player were scuffling this much it would be one thing. If several players were scuffling in one or two areas, a good coaching staff could straighten them out. But they are all scuffling in every area, or at least that's what it feels like.

The mind, it boggles.
unfortunately, i think homer really screwed this roster up this team and i think another gm has to come in here and evaluate what players on this team are good, it's a mess right now and homer's drafting players arent really impressive either, so if this team wants to get back into contending, they have to get some good players on this team plus a coach.

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