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02-01-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by The Podium View Post
Why trade Grabovski? The guy is not overpaid, league comparables would be Krejci and Zajac, both of whom are paid almost identically. Th guy has been one of the better defensive C's in the league and is a 55-60 point C regularly. On top of all that hes a heart and soul player that plays with tenacity. Not to mention hes 100x better than both Weiss and Roy overall.
Grabo is not 1 of the best defensive centers in the league. I don't how this notion of Grabo being one of the best defensive centers ever started.

If he is so good defensively, why does he never kill penalties? He is the best center the Leafs have but that isn't saying all the much. I get why Grabo is a fan favourite but on a team that is a perennial contender like a Detroit or a Chicago or a Pittsburgh or a San Jose or a Boston he is more like a 4 million dollar player.

I'd take Krejci and Zajac over him without thinking about it.

Weiss is very comparable in terms of the type of impact he can have on a game. Roy was a PPG player not to long ago before his knee was shredded and he should get his game back. The best part about trading Grabo and signing either of them is we end up with a similar player but also net whatever picks/prospects Grabo brings us to continue stocking the system.

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