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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Sorry, my crystal ball is still in the shop. I guess I'm just happy that there's something resembling a winning, competitive culture in the place where our guys go to learn how to play professional-level hockey. We really ought to know better than to place any value whatsoever on such meaningless tripe; thank you so much for setting us all straight in that regard. Clearly it is better for us to just presume that development here has sucked, does suck, and will always suck, and do nothing whatsoever to change it.

Free Translation: "We haven't gotten Our Singular Lord And Savior from the late rounds yet, so therefore all those other guys who might be depth or quality depth are worthless trash that proves that our drafting still sucks."

Perhaps then we can follow up with the guy who has repeatedly said with a straight face to fans and media that the Jackets are currently better off than St. Louis was before their resurgence. Can you imagine the gall of such a thing? Any fan with a superficial glance at the scoreboard can tell that everything sucks and is miserable and so clearly he has no idea what he's talking about. Fire him, too!

Because, of course, the Jackets front office has been telling us repeatedly all this past summer that we're going to make the playoffs and compete for the Cup right now. And certainly the optimistic fans here haven't helped, what with their ludicrous suggestions of "if things go really, really well, the playoffs aren't completely impossible." Balderdash!

John Davidson hiring date: June 30, 2006. After end of 2005-2006 season. Roughly one year before Scott Howson (hired in May of 2007).
First Blues playoff appearance during Davidson era: 2008-2009 season (third active season). Swept in 4 games by the Canucks. Same season as Scott Howson, with the same result, only that was in Howson's second year.
Subsequent two years: Both out of playoffs, both falling further back in conference and overall standings.

So, going by past indicators, you'll be calling for Davidson's firing in a little under two and a half years, and "leading" a Quixotic protest to demand his removal in about three or four. Looking forward to it.
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Originally Posted by Timeless Winter View Post
The Browns are in better shape than the Blue Jackets. Keeping Priest has done what exactly?? Made us worse. Every year
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