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and the odds of him getting hurt by martin hanzel, one of the only other 6'6" monsters in the league being what it was. if not for those two injuries he would've given us a good 3 or 4 more years. It's not even a question that he was not only the same level of player as lidstrom but could've dominated more than lidstrom did in his early 40's. that's what we were banking on and that's why it's so devastating that he went out like that.
#1: While Chris Pronger is an excellent defenseman, you cannot put him into the same category as Lidstrom. 7 Norris trophies speak for themselves.

#2: Certain types of players age differently. The vast majority of players who remain elite well into their late 30s / early 40s are right around 6'0 and no more than 200 lbs. Chris Pronger is 6'6, 220lbs+. At age 36, he was already starting to have back problems. To expect him to be a dominant #1 defenseman capable of elevating a team filled with youth and inexperience to "contender" status over his age 37, 38, 39, and 40 seasons is a little ridiculous.

It's like I said, I have tremendous respect for Pronger, Briere, and Timonen. All are great players that can have a profound impact on a team, but they were each brought in respectively to be part of a core of players who were already in their primes, to be the pieces that put us over the top. Holmgren gave up on that vision when he traded RIchards and Carter. When Holmgren decided to rebuild and go with a youth movement, they should've all been traded to go along with the new vision of youth that Holmgren had for the Flyers. We might've been bad in 2011-2012, but if we were, we would've gotten a top draft pick and a chance to grab a young #1 defenseman who we desperately needed/need.

Instead, Holmgren piecemealed together a team for 2011-2012 capable of making the playoffs but not capable of winning the whole thing. And as a result of that, we lost out on a chance to draft that franchise defenseman and now we're struggling because, among other massive problems with this team, the one guy Giroux had excellent chemistry with just happened to be the 40 year old Jaromir Jagr, who we brought in for one year and then threw out with the trash.

I'm not a total Homer hater btw, I loved the Carter trade and I think he got decent value for Richards, though I did question at the time whether it was really necessary. But I still didn't really knock Homer. I understood that he was trying to go in a different direction with the team. But what I cannot get behind is the fact that he didn't finish the job and fully commit to that youth movement. Had he tried to trade all of our older vets and had he given Bobrovsky a second season as the starter, I'd have no issue with what he did. But the moves he made after the Carter and Richards trades just don't make sense and I don't think they put us in a position to succeed long term.

If you guys disagree, I'll respect that, but I'm entitled to my opinion as a fan.

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