Thread: Confirmed with Link: II. New Logos and Green Uniforms for 2013-14
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02-02-2013, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
Look ... I'm not arguing with you. I pointed out a statement that I found funny from the owner. I don't know anybody that refers to the Dallas Stars as an Original 13 team. It's an accurate statement, but it's a bit silly.

He made the statement specifically talking about the new jersey's as a reason why they needed to be classic and timeless ... because of the history of the team so it's relevant to bring up.
Original 12 as we were in "The Next 6". Does make sense though. Our roots go back 46 years even if some strictly Dallas folk out there wanna deny it.

Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Used Undecided's star as a jumping off point for an ultra-simple design.

Ill admit I havent been a fan of your previous ones but I like these. Would be extremely happy. Wouldnt mind a hint of black just to see, but Im back and forth on whether I prefer to have black or not. Either way good stuff. And seeing it just on here probably wouldnt do the actual uni justice.

Whats everyones opinions on helmets? Greeen or black? Or does it depend on how much black is used in the jersey?

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