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Originally Posted by BaileyToOkposo View Post
Havent played ice in a few years. Looked at my skates and my ice hockey blade is coming off the front of my skate. Can they fix that? Or do I have to buy new skates
Take your blade and check the tuck, the plastic shell the blade is seated in. If that's still tightly riveted into the boot, check inside the skate. Remove the sole of the shoe and inside you'll see two holes going into the tuck where the blade is bolted into the tuck to hold tight. Tighten both bolts very snug. Careful, though...if you go gung ho and overtighten you will compromise the strength of the tuck and it may crack.

Rule of thumb....use two fingers and your thumb and go as tight as you can with only those fingers.

That should do the trick unless something else is broken. Or you have funky skates I'm not aware of.

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