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02-02-2013, 01:12 AM
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Change just to make change? I'm indifferent on Howson, frankly I don't care if he stays or goes, but Scott has one playoff run on his resume, countless bad signings/resigns, an average trade record, and a TBD draft record.

He's lucky that the ownership here is so horribly indecisive or else he probably would have been canned by now.

Since he's been here we've had 4 head coaches, countless assistant coaches, had to bring in a new president to try to bring credibility to the franchise. The coach that he resigned in the offseason has another coach over his shoulder as the "associate" head coach. Is there anything the Howson has really done right other than a few trades?

His first round track record is terrible when you consider only two guys 3 guys are left in the organization.

He stuck with a goalie for far to long when it was clear to the whole hockey world that our goalie position was far and away the worst in the NHL.

He came up with the bright idea to completely dismantle the leadership group the year after we made the playoffs. What a god awful decision that was. Hell

If you think people wanting to get rid of Scott is just to make a change for the sake of it, your absolutely insane. Mr. Howson has accomplished nothing that should warrant him the job security he has been afforded thus far.

It all goes back to ownership. While it's nice having a solid ownership team, the worst thing is these guys cannot make timely decisions. They kept XGMDM was to long, just like it appears they are keeping GMSH to long. Howson's only saving grace now is that he's assembled a team so horrible that it has gotten him Johansen, Murray, and one of the top talents in the 13 draft.

Oh forgot to bring up the embarrassment that was the Carter trade. Yeah, trade two of our top future assets without actually doing your homework on a guy, that worked out soooooo well.

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