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02-02-2013, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
At first glance yes.

But if we fill a few holes in the Caps line-up we might get him for a price we can afford.

That said I doubt WSH is looking to move him. WHy Oates moved him away from Ovechkin is bizarre.

Still I think it would be worth it for Nonis to make a call to McPhee to kick the tires.

With the extra 1st they had last year, they may be willing to part with their 1st this year for something.
If the Caps underperform this year and next year I could see the slight possibly of them considering moving Backstrom. But that is a remote possibility.

I'd have to think Green gets moved before Backstrom though.

The Leafs are setting themselves up well to eventually make a big time trade. But I don't think we're there quite yet and will need to stock the system to make that trade by having pick/prospect depth to do so by selling off CMac and possibly even Bozak/Grabo. Then we could have picks to trade some of our better but not top prospects and a dman like Gunnarson or even a Gardiner.

The going ratefor a star player seems to be a top prospect or high 1st round draft pick + 2nd liner or second pairing upside dman + maybe a depth player prospect thrown in.

Obviously the above is a rough guideline but it holds true in the Carter to Blue Jackets trade, Richards trade, Burns trade and Stall trade.

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