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02-02-2013, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Mergus View Post
I think people are pretty quick to judge who is the better offensive player. Some numbers for thought....

Their career AHL numbers...

Kassian - 58 GP, 22g, 24a, 46 points (.79 PPG), +2
Foligno - 93 GP, 26g, 40a, 66 points (.71 PPG), +26

This year only:
Kassian - 28 GP, 7g, 13a, 20 points (.71 PPG), -2
Foligno - 33 GP, 10g, 17a, 27 points (.81 PPG), +7

If Kassian was so much more gifted offensively, shouldn't that difference in skill been even more obvious at the AHL level? Or were Foligno's line mates carrying him in the AHL as well?

Anyone saying that Kassian will outscore Foligno is basically looking at where they were drafted and assuming that means Kassian is more talented. Only time will tell, but I doubt either one stands out as more skilled than the other over the long haul.

I also love hearing people talk about Kassian's puck control, have they not watched Foligno? He is just as good.

Case in point, the feed to Vanek right before the goal by Ennis. That was domination along the wall and then he had the hands to put a pass on Vanek's tape while being taken down.
Watched alot of the Wolves games.

Man our coach is an idiot. Our team was a mainly defensive team that wasn't good at that either, Rodchester's team is far superior.

AHL stats can be useful but they can also be meaningless, Everyone was worried about Schroeder and Kassian but they have come up and have been some of our best players.

Not going to comment on Foligno as I don't know a ton about him but just wanted to point out our AHL team really wasn't that great.

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