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02-02-2013, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Professor John Frink View Post
I'm going to jump in on this conversation because it's an argument that I have a lot with people as well. Not just regarding DSP but alot of the Ducks young guys.

Someone mentioned players looking not overwhelmed. This argument bothers me, because hopefully as die hard fans we have grown to want more from our players than just not looking out of place. These high drafted players should be producing.

Now with DSP you could argue that he was never drafted nor did he have the skill set to fit into a 2nd line role. I can understand that. But the guy was handed a spot last season, he was handed a spot this season. He hasn't earned anything.

Guys like Holland and Palmieri and Maroon went down, have put in the time and produced. Even Vatanan, although limited has clearly produced in the minors. It bothers me that we then hand a roster spot to Rakell and DSP. Now I'll be the first to say that Rakell has looked fine, but I don't want fine. I want a solid 2nd line two way player. He gains confidence and grows by getting ample ice time. There is no need for him to be in the NHL. Sign a plug who can win faceoffs for that 4th line roll of 8 min a game.As for DSP he simply has never earned a spot on the team IMO. And to me that is what will hurt him overall. He isn't doing anything at the NHL level the team couldn't get from a 4th line grinder. So send him down. Let him play 17 minutes a game. Teach him how to play defense and work within a system, not just to throw his body around. His defensive zone coverage is terrible. Make him earn his spot on this team as a contributor not as a high draft pick. I would also say the same about Etem. He clearly has the physical attributes to play in the NHL, but he still has a ton to learn. He should be learning these things in the minors, making these mistakes in the minors. Where the stress of failure is much much less.

OK End of rant. To me I just don't understand why they don't treat every player like they've treated Palmieri. When they have nothing left to prove at the AHL level and have taken their lumps. That is when a player should be called up. Not because he has potential and he has hype on his side.

Sorry for hijacking the argument between you guys. Just needed to vent.
I thought DSP earned it and looked more than the part most of us had him penciled in. DSP was flying high until that injury at the WJC. He hasn't been the same since. He hasn't brought it in Norfolk this year either. That's why I was surprised he made the parent club over Holland. Apparently, BB knows something we don't know, but BB didn't bare witness to DSP when he did break into the league initially.

Palms took a different route. He should have stayed in the NCAA longer than one year, but he only stayed for one year. The next two years he would be in the AHL. In Holland, people noticed a little bit of Getz... the lazy bit. Good thing the AHL coaches noted that Holland needed to develop a 200 foot game, which gives him a carrot to reach for. Similarly, the same assessment happened to Etem.

But this year, after hearing BB's interview versus the Wild game saying he doesn't know why the second line worked at all has me concerned about mismanaging our prospects. Except the reasons BB has make absolute sense such as giving time off for our veterans in this shortened season with many back to back games and such. Makes lots of sense. And if BB said the reason why Holland was sent down was because he's being groomed into a top two center and it would be a waste to be on the fourth line, then you have to think that type of consistency of logic should follow for Rakell as well, as you denoted, Professor, should be playing for a top two center role. Which means Rakell should be sent back to his junior team as he goes back to being the #1 center. But this shortened year has made it into a crazy one so far. Yet since neither Rakell nor Holland have auditioned for the 2C position during a game, then it would be prudent to leave them off the roster. We have Wagner that can come in to play 4C or Holland if it comes to that.

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