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02-02-2013, 01:48 AM
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What a sobering few days for Jets fans.

If you are optimistic, you see a record of 3-4-1 with Bogo and Byfuglien out and say to yourself "could be worse"

If you are realistic, you start to think about all the games.

vs. Ottawa: Flat and ugly most the game. Not great goaltending from Pavelec
at Boston: A pretty gritty effort. Used size and speed to our advantage. Realistically though, we played the Bruins close all last year too and were not a playoff team
at Washington: Face it, Washington was ass. It didn't take much for us to beat them.
vs. Pittsburgh: Yes, a pretty inspiring win, but we got in a 0-2 hole and Pavelec wasn't great in the first. If we would have gotten into penalty trouble in that game we probably would have been sunk.
vs. New York: Nice to battle back, a game we would have most likely lost under the same circumstances last year. Goaltending wasn't great, but good enough for a backup I suppose.

I won't even break down the last 3 losses, since we just lived them all. Too many penalties, horribad penalty killing and sub par goaltending.

We aren't really any further ahead than we were last year which really really disappoints me. With our increase in size, players settled into the new market and systems, and more mature by a year, I expected more from this team. I wanted to see anger and passion when we got down in games. I am not seeing that. I am seeing quit.

I know, I know. We are 8 games in. That is however 17% of the season. The goaltending is a real issue. As a matter of fact, I will go as far as to say it is hurting us in ever facet of the game. The guys don't have confidence in the goaltending. That really takes the **** out of you. You are scared to play, and be agressive. Your penalty killing isn't good enough. You get into holes too easily, and when you mount offense and a guy like Anderson shows you real starting goaltending, it's demoralizing.

I said at the beginning of the year that goaltending would determine our fate (not rocket science I know and echoed by many here). Looks like it is playing out like that right now.

We have to hope to god Pavelec gets hot. In this short season, we could be out of it quick.

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