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Originally Posted by Liminality View Post
Ok this is getting out of hand.

Kessel last year scored

3 goals when up by 1

3 goals when up by 2

2 goals when up by 3

7 goals when down by 1

6 goals when down by 2

1 goal when down by 4

13 goals when tied

1 penalty shot goal

1 empty net goal

Scored 7 goals in the 1st period

Scored 16 goals in the 2nd period

Scored 14 goals in the 3rd period

I know you hate Kessel with a passion obviously and anything he does can't change your mind but you're really reaching if you think Kessel's 30 goal campaigns didn't contribute as much success to McClement on the PK in 7 games.
When kessel is "on", his strengths heavily outweigh his weaknesses. He IS clutch. He DOES score when it matters.

The problem is that when kessel is "off", his weaknesses dramatically outweigh his strengths.

And now into his 7th NHL season, he's still plagued by a problem that's been there since game 1. Inconsistency. Being "on" and "off".

So OF COURSE he will turn this around... He has a 7 year history of bouncin back.
Unortunately... After being "on" for a few weeks, he'll fall right back down into one of his slumps.
And on and on we go....

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