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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
This is an awesome write-up no doubt, but can you be a bit more general at the beginning for us - outsiders. Can you start with an introduction of the biggest prospects from each birthyear, where they play and general trends of youth hockey, for example it's widely believed that each next Latvian generation on average is better than the previous one, what about Belarus?

Also, you have a PM.
i wrote some time ago this at the khl section of the forum:

Originally Posted by kunabai View Post
if we talk about 1994 and older

goalies: borodulya (1991), shelepnyov (1993), karnaukhov (1994)

gavrus (94 born, drafted by devils, returned from ontario league, now playing against men in belarusian open league and having great stats - 12 points in 15 games (5+7) and +10, already drawn some comparisons to grabovski with his size and playing style), dunaev (playing in vhl, had good stats in mhl, 93 born), lopachuk (1992, playing 5-6 minutes in the 4th line for dinamo minsk in khl), valkov (1994, 21 games 3+4 -15 in BOL)

graborenko (playing in ahl, 92 born, good puck-moving skills), gotovets (91 born, ncaa), lisovets (late 94, 2013 eligible, plays for neman in belarusian open league, 23 games 2+7, +19), zalamay (94 born, big size - 196-96, plays in vhl, 27 games 1+4, -3)

we have some talented 1995-96 born d-men in khenkel, klyavzo and dyukov, they all have good potential, but need to work
khenkel is already playing in belarusian open league against men (26 games, 1 assist, but horrible -13, though) for yunior (farm of the vhl yunost)
dyukov is khenkel teammate (26 games, 1+1, -3)
klyavzo played last season in russia and was leader and captain of his 1996-born (neva) team, was one of the scoring leaders, while playing at defence. though, he's january-1996 and maybe that's why he's so dominant at this level(age group), he is really big and there are reports that his shot is really hard for the boy of his age. he played also at the same time for 1995-born teams in russia (also for neva st.petersburg) and it was somewhat different though he still managed to score points
klyavzo returned to belarus and is playing in junior league now, though maybe it would be good for him to move to NA or russia (though, there were rumors, that top russian junior teams offered him to join them but they demanded from vadim to change citizenship, vadim refused)

there is more problems with young forwards

though i can recall vlad misnikov (96 born), who was leading scorer of his team last year (if i'm not mistaken), while playing in russia for neva st. petersbourg (was klyavzo teammate) and there was some good reports about him

so at the point it seems we don't have any high-end prospects, just some players who can become solid at their position and some hopes that these d-men can turn into real deal. and besides gavrus you can't find any going-to-be top class forward

i think, we have to have a deeper look at lisovets, maybe he'll turn into something
but it's really in brief

there were some changes, though

gavrus has returned to owen sound
dunaev signed with shakhtyor of the bol (and is horrible -5 in 3 games)
lopachuk playing time increased slightly

and some others

so maybe i'll write something like a little introduction with prospects list year by year

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