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Originally Posted by Oscar Acosta View Post

Margaret Atwood - The Year of the Flood

Follow up in the trilogy to Oryx and Crake, much improved over the first book. The characters are far more natural than her forced dialogue of teenage boys in the first novel. Enjoyed the back stories and charecters of Ren and Toby immensely. If the trilogy keeps improving like this then the third one later this year will be amazing.

The whole sermons by Adam One and the hymns were pointless, ended up skipping over them. Atwood tried to hard to add deep significant meaning to her book in a religious examination of society, like this will be some required University reading. It was too obvious and pretentious of Atwood, and like the critic Peter Griffin once said, "it insists upon itself".

I admit I did skip over Adam One's sermons most of the time, but there is backstory buried in there. The downward arc of the surviving God's Gardeners is recounted in fits and starts. Really looking forward to the 3rd book in the trilogy.


Reread Neuromancer and rereading Count Zero from William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy lately. Still great stuff.

Read Neuromancer and try to remember it was written in 1983.

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