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02-02-2013, 04:10 AM
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Originally Posted by blue bleeder 24-7 View Post
Thanks, that's all I really ask from people. I know it seems like a "tinfoil hat" kind of thing, but I just keep seeing evidence for it. So all I ask is that people, well, like Aristotle said, entertain the thought without accepting it.

After cooling off tonight though, I think the Backes call was mostly just a bad call, without much bias. It's the back referee that calls it, he can't see what Backes hits... which is totally not a head... If the bias thing comes into play, it's the fact that that ref doesn't give Backes the benefit of the doubt, and gives him 5 and a game. But I really think it was just a blown call.

Some of the other calls tonight, not so much...
I have often thought about it, too. Sometimes it seems like that must be the answer, because the NHL & referees make such whacky decisions occasionally. I can't decipher if they are trying to sway events or are actually just that inept. I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, so I can't say with any conviction that I think the NHL has plans for certains teams or games or players, but boy do some games scream "we are determining the outcome of this game whether you like it or not!"

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