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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
I don't know what you guys expect What do you want him to do? Kick down their door, wake them up in the middle of the night, waterboard them, scream "why aren't you scoring?!"...

I don't know what answers you believe they are suppressing, but Hammond was our best resource for Kings information and official confirmations. Yeah, he threw a lot of fluff up there like Q&A, which was sort of drab, since he didn't really care about hockey or the Kings, and his answers were just his drifting opinion, but he was trying to add content to the site. What information was his withholding that made him such a 'pawn of the organization'?

You aren't going to get answers from anyone in professional sports. All athletes have their sound bites memorized by heart and can regurgitate them at a moment's notice. As a professional journalist, who is hired to relay information, not give Pulitzer caliber research opinion pieces, he has to relay that information, and can't make things up or put his own tangent or agenda on it. That would be adding fan bias to the reporting. I.e. Not neutral nor independent.

The aim of any detective, is to give a re-stated account of the honest objective truth of what he's witnessed. How did Hammond break that covenant, or is Jon Rosen destined to not live by it? I've always been genuinely curious about this. Why Hammond was ostracized as being a shill of the franchise, when all he did was report on every detail about the team and occassionally gave his opinion, during Q&A's, which he admitted wasn't his field.

Now we have a guy that grew up skating in the Iceoplex. He plays on two SoCal recreational hockey teams. Has witnessed the Kings since the 80's, and genuinely loves hockey, as well as having had done play-by-play broadcasting of the sport, and has been writing on California hockey for some time now, but he will be another Hammond... And be a shill of the franchise...

What does that even mean? What are your expectations for a team blogger?
I won't go into detail regarding what I know about this, out of respect for Rich and those involved with his work when he was with the Kings. But I do know, with 100% certainty, that those accusing him of being a shill for the Kings have no basis in fact to support that claim. None whatsoever.

Also, Rich is a very big hockey fan. It's his favorite sport to cover. His mostly subdued style apparently fooled a lot of people.

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