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02-02-2013, 05:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
When immature people like you are so mad about this, maybe it's the right thing to take it off. Therrien is the wrong choice for coach because he wants to take away the low five? lol

Let's win games, have a good sportmanship and great team spirit.

I don't mind a little showmanship but I'd like to see it when it's deserved.
I'm really stuck in between Subban and Therrien, but leaning towards Subban.
Not picking on you or your post...but what is an example of ''a little showmanship'' that a players has shown? what is permitted? what isn't? and says who? The players should write a showmanship etiquette'll be publised by Don Cherry!

I actually dislike show-offs to a certain extent...but for fun it can be pretty funny/amusing if you don't mean anything by it...just enjoying the sport and something called a free spirit.

I prefer Therrien say ''everyone keep penalties to a minimum...even the ones who draw penalties...discipline for the team''.

Creativity/originality is not allowed in the NHL?
Maybe Subban belongs in L.A.?

This sort of reminds me of Wimbledon and Agassi's jean shorts...
He skippped a year but had to conform to the all-white rule to play again so he did and won it while wearing all-white, soon as Wimbledon was over...he put his jean shorts back on again.
McEnroe was a bad boy in the sometimes very snobby tennis world (a world filled with people who think their S***T don't stink!)...lots of people miss McEnroe, his huge ego/big-jerk style arguing/shouting, and his artistic tennis style.

Still...I don't know if it's right to tell someone to change their style of celebrating! Is this the first time? never heard of a coach who tells his player to stop high-fiving his goalie! And to the person who said you could high five when you win a! Therrien will say ''I said no! no to high fives! not even now! you lift the ****ing Cup like everyone else and be happy/smile and that's it, ok! no ****ing high fives here!''.

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