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Originally Posted by AlanHUK View Post
Has anyone else had 'problems' where there are games in which your team cannot string 2 passes together and every loose ball goes to the opposition?

Recently I've had a couple of games like this, even though I keep morale high, and have team chemistry of 96.

I could kind of accept it happens when I had a team of silver players, or low chemistry, but now it is really starting to **** me off.

It's almost as annoying as with NHL13 where all of a sudden your goalie can't stop a beach ball.

Here's what I've been doing.

Pick a top league (EPL or La Liga)

Create 4 teams.

La Liga 1 (Messi, Ronaldo, Cesc, Ramos, ect) - all of my La Liga 2 squad is on the bench.
La Liga 2 (Iniesta, Navas, Torres, Silva) - all my La Liga 1 squad is on the bench.

I rotate these two teams - usually I play 1 game single player vs Comp with La Liga 2 then the next game I play online with La Liga 1. Make NO SUBS unless you have to (due to injury) the game refreshes all the players on the bench if they don't play which brings the fitness level back up to 100. You are allowed 12 players on the sub/bench... I usually use Busquets as my one player who can make a sub just incase as he doesn't start for La Liga 1 nor La Liga 2.

For La Liga 3 and 4, I do the same things except with those squads I play in some of the weaker cups.

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