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Originally Posted by Defense View Post
Kessel is in the league right now? With 4 points in 7 games? Might want to recheck that. He is a star player but has not reachimed elite status yet. This isn't a Kessel discussion but do i belive he will be a superstar? Yes. Don't see any mention of Lupul where I said he sucks? This isn't about Lupul or Kessel, it is about adding a dynamic player to our lineup.

You mentioned VAN, SJ, and PHI...

Ok lets compare a a forward ids epth chart of


To those teams, heck even LA from this past year. Id say the talent is there, in the top 9. Lets say we added Getzlaf or made a trade for Statsny. Or heck maybe Kadri is the answer for our 1st line centre. Our forwards are looking pretty good with or without Ovechkin. But what team has 2 snipers, teams can't double team both Kessel and Ovechkin. It gives us 2 scary offensive threats that would give us a chance every game to score goals even when one is cold.

I stated Rielly is projected as a number 1. You stated Rielly would be a top Dman and a lot of us are predicting him to be our future number 1, if the Leafs scouts had him pegged as 1st overall, that is what he was brought in for.

Ovechkin couldn't help push Washington towards the cup? Um he is a beast in the playoffs he sure made an impact for his team with 59 points in 51 playoff games. I did not know 30 years old was the age where the average NHL career is over. With a nucleus of clutch guys in Kessel and Ovechkin, along with Lupul, Kadri, JVR, Grabovski, Kulemin, Frattin gives us a pretty strong forward crew.

You are taking me too seriously. It was a Brian Burke joke. If a team has the opportunity to sign an interested Perry or Getzlaf, how hard is it to make room for cap space by trade or burying? If I recall teams can go over the cap during the summer after July 1st and have all summer before season starts to organize their cap charts. And has trade deadline gone by yet? No, so Anaheim still has time although its running out. Did Atlanta let Kolvachuk walk? No they basically traded his rights to NJ a team to negotiate a new contract for him. Parise it was obvious that he was going to walk, the 1 year extension he signed over an entire summer last year after negotiations with Lamoriello made it obvious he was going to walk.

Plus I wasn't sure whens the last time we have acquired a star free agent here? Richards, Kolvachuk, Parise, Suter, etc? Oh wait every free agent automatically signs in Toronto, because we have the money. Not everybody star player wants to play here, unless they are at the end of their careers, AND that was when we were a playoff team in 2004 and prior. Finger, Komisarek, Armstrong, Wallin lol etc free agency has sure done wonders for the Leafs.
Wow, you're actually using a 7 game sample in a season where Kessel has been outta game action for months to discredit his top 6 finish from last year and question his elite status? While boasting about Ovi, who has how many points this season? Also I know its not about kessel vs ovi, that's why I said so in my last post... which you basically restated just now lol. The reason I replied to the kessel - ovechkin comparison is because you started saying how kessel isnt a legit superstar and ovi is. If you go back and read my first reply, I never even touched a vs. Comparison... I simply said that kessel and lupul bring similar elements to what ovi would bring us and thus make it kind of silly to trade away 4 first rounders for something we already have.

Who gives a crap if Rielly is projected to be a #1, 2, 3 or 4 guy, I'm just defending what I said in my original reply about calling him a blue chip prospect and at no point calling him a #1 guy... and you respond by putting words in my mouth saying I'm projecting him to be a #1. He very well could be for all we know, or he could not... that's not the point. The point I made was that it won't take him 5 years to round into a good Nhl player... I can see him making the leafs in 2-3 years as opposed to 5 years like you stated.

Then, the statement I made about having to win the cup before ovechkin turned 30. I was mocking you for your statement that Kessel would be 30 by the the time Rielly got to an elite status. First, like I said above, Rielly will likely be making a contribution much sooner... but if he didn't and it did take him 5 years to develop its not like kessel is going to be useless at 30. Lol, thats why I said "according to your logic, 30 is when players no longer contribute" man go back and read your own posts and my previous replies... cuz you're restating my points as your own while contradicting your own in earlier replies.

About Anaheim being able to trade Getzlaf and Perry. Now not sure if tjey have a ntc in their current contracts so I'm not going to comment of that... but lets say they didn't and Anaheim ended up trading them, does that team get exclusive negotiating rights with them? No they don't... look at Hossa (traded to Pits, signs with Chi). So I'm not sure what point you were making about the possibility of them getting traded. You mentioned Kovalchuck... he ended up testing the market and signed with the team that gave him the best contract, which happened to be the same team that traded for him. So once again, what's your point?

My point about mentioning SJ and VAN and Phi is that, even if you have a really good team, it doesnt guarantee you anything. Compare our depth to the top teams all you like, bottom line is we haven't made the playoffs in 8 years so we cannot be considered as playoff contender until we do... and the paper depth means nothing until it is proven in the playoffs... Ovechkin may have great playoff stats, but the bottom line is that he has never "pushed his team to the cup" like you magically expect him to do here. Getzlaf has, and fills a need for a position we lack (unlike Ovechkin... since we have plenty of scoring on the wings) which is why I'd rather take a chance on him than spend 4 draft picks on Ovi.

In reply to your mocking of me about our chances of signing Getzlaf because "every player wants to play here" or because we have all the money. Ok, once again, putting words in my mouth. I made the point about the cap space and $ to discredit YOUR point about how there will be 28 ofther teams looking for his... the cap situation and available cash flow will narrow the teams able to make a solid pitch for Getz or Perry to a handfull (much like the bids for richards 2 summers ago). In case you forgot, Toronto was a finalist for the teams that richards was likely to sign with. Now I'm going to repeat what I said in my last post, much like Parise being from Minnesota, the hometown effect influences player decisons... which means its not crazy to think that perry would consider Toronto as top choice. Perrys decision would influence Getzlafs decision as well, since they have been successful linemates for years... plus there is the carlyle connection much like... wait for it... Richards and Tortarella in NY, reuniting with a coach under which he won a cup in Tampa. Remember what Getz and Perry did in anaheim under randy? Every player wants to play in TO? Definetly not, but out of the viable teams, Toronto's chances are pretty good when it comes to those 2.

Bottom line is that we need to make the playoffs this year and see what this young team is made off before we start trading away the future for what you think is the missing link.

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