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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
Haha the only thing this fat idiot has ever gone after is a buffet, its just as irritating to see the same webpage posting a link to Felger and Mazz discussing if Chara should have fought him.

Buffalo didn't dominate the game the Bruins were in control most of it. Sometimes it just falls apart. Vanek makes 8 mil a year and had his career game as well, that obviously helps. Vanek would be the best player in the NHL if he bothered to play like that more often. Sucks it happened against us. And Tuukka got outplayed by Miller.

Its easy for idiots like him and Felger to slam Chara. Chara has fought plenty of guys as tough as Scott. The Bruins cannot make that tradeoff of Scott for Chara. You do that and Buffalo gets rewarded for dressing someone who cant play hockey.

You might as well blame THornton for getting his ass kicked because the captain is now getting criticized b/c Thornton lost badly and couldn't wrestle another victory. THat is more sensible than the reasoning people who want to bash Chara are using.

Blame Seguin for coming back from Europe and sucking. How come our leading scorer from last year couldn't play well a night Vanek goes off?

Marchand has been carrying the goal scoring load for that line, why does Tyler get a pass? If Brad had played as ****** as Seguin has there'd be 10 threads on this board slamming him.

This isn't directed at you Whammer but can anyone on here imagine how much **** Marchand would be getting if Seguin and Bergeron were playing great and he was struggling?

And while I like Thornton and hope he is OK, the truth is he got his ass kicked by Scott. If he had managed to wrestle successfully with the big fella we probably win the game and Buffalo doesn't have their biggest win in 10 years which they are celebrating like a Stanley Cup championship. A lot of the blame for this lies on Thornton catching a beating. Not sure why he is some noble warrior just b/c he happened to lose. Its his job to fight those guys and he had won a lot of bouts going into that one. He lost, and now the Sabres are apparently in our heads like we were in theres.

How can that be anyone but Thornton's fault (if there is someone to blame for Scott being allowed to fight noone should have fought that idiot Thornton should have concentrated on hockey.)
Thornton`s losing the fight had zero impact on the game. The boys had ALL the momentum when they took the two penalties at one time and let the Sabres back into it followed by uncharacteristic lapses defensively

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