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02-02-2013, 07:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Synthetic View Post
I'm personally ok with sucking if we get our d-man in the draft. Our core is still very young. If we didn't blow up the team earlier, sucking now would be a problem. But as it is, with a half season and some nice consolation prizes for teams like us, plus the fact Richie and Jeff would be 29(wow they age fast, don't they?) next season, I think we should fortify the young core even more with some nice, nice pieces this year. I still enjoy watching them and I want them to win....but I'm not gonna complain if we don't. This season might be just what we needed to get rid of some dead weight (Briere, old Timo, maybe Mesz?) and still get something for them if we aren't competing.

If we can get some #2 or #3 guys on D with those trades, all the better. Then we can spend our money on replacing Briere with a Duck or two.
This is the approach I'd take. I still blame the lock-out for the poor start, plus injuries. We are without our leading scorer from last season, and without Mez. If we win, fine, but I am not upset if we don't win. Losing players last season and not being able to obtain replacements in the summer (which I don't blame Holmgren) really killed any legitimate shot at the Cup.

If we could trade Kimmo we could probably get a first rounder. He'd just have to approve it and not get hurt as well.

If we're going to miss the playoffs, we might as well just plain stink.

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