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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Some comments about prospects:

- Magnus Nygren is too much of a talent to let him stay in Sweden. I'd move way many prospects than him at this point. 'Cause even if people say that we should keep him in Sweden for next year, well by looking at the guys coming, this could be 2 or even 3 years down the road. And he actually seems to be better than some of those that we seem to want to keep. Keeping him there is the easy solution. I hope they don't take it.

- Should I repeat that I'm extremely nervous about what Bergevin said about the Kristo story and that we CANNOT move this guy. He is a keeper that will AUTOMATICALLY make the Dogs better next year. And the Habs the next year.

- I hope Bennett is a Dogs next year.

- Walsh and Pribyl are 2 extremely intriguing cases as far as to keep or not to keep. It could go either way. Archambault WILL be signed.

- At the time, I thought that the Colin Sullivan 7th rounder was one of the best 7th rounder we did in quite a while....well while it doesn't appear so thus far, we'll wait and see how he develops. But I did think that he'd have better stats than those for sure so far.

What did Bergevin said about Kristo?

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