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02-02-2013, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Brushhawg View Post
I wonder if the many teams which we basically ran over the past few seasons are going to go out of their way to get even?

Lets face it, Buffalo was one of many teams that were out-hit, out-fought and basically bullied all over the ice over the past 3-4 seasons.

I think what happened the other night is going to have some serious payback attatched to it as well. I understand that we still have a tough team, but to expect Lucic and Chara to fight every game is nuts. Mcquaid is pretty much a middleweight and Macdermid is unproven. Montreal and Toronto, for example, have gotten tougher basically to compete with us.

I don't think we need to go out and get a 3 min per game thug. We should begin exploring a trade for a capable guy thats capable of playing a regular shift. I also think we're going to see lines 1-3 overplayed while Macdermid plays very limited minutes. I would call CBJ to see if Jared Boll is available.

Anyways, Thorns injury is going to have a major impact on how our team plays and responds. I think we are very vulnerable. Hopefully teams don't go out of their way to take anvantage of our sistuation.
Very vulnerable. The Boston Bruins are very vulnerable.

Good grief. Thank God this team has more intestinal fortitude than some of its fans.

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