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02-02-2013, 07:47 AM
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You cannot replace the offense lost with Spezza's injury. Trying to do so with DaCosta is, in my opinion, like saying guys like him and Regin and Turris and Silfverberg are just a slight notch below Spezza in terms of skill so simply adding more of those guys will replace Spezza's skills in the aggregate. I do not believe that is a correct interpretation. Simply adding more DaCosta's won't help. It would just make a lesser-skilled team easier to play against.

When Spezza or Alfie or (especially) Karlsson are out of the lineup the team should adopt a slightly different persona until said player(s) return. That persona should be one of competing hard and skating like mad and fore-checking like crazy and relying on the goaltender to bail them out on occasion. They should not fool themselves into thinking they can be the exact same team regardless of who is in and who is out.

This is not a question of more offense and less defense. Nor is it a question of adding more fighters to the lineup. It is a question of what you want your team to be when it cannot be as skilled as it wants to be due to key injuries. My choice is to make sure that if you do manage to beat our team you will have had to go to war to do it.... and then when we get our injured guy back watch out!

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