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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
Few things

1. Dion is not soley responsible for Lupuls' injury, the blame is 50/50. Phaneuf KNEW Lupul was in front but elected to use a high/hard shot on net which hit Lupul, that part of the blame lies on Phaneuf. However, Lupul KNEW Phaneuf had a wildchild shot yet elected to plant himself in front of the net, Lupul knew the risk yet threw caution to the wind, thats on him.

2. Phaneufs a liabilty on the powerplay because his shot just isnt low, its always high (when it hits the net) or its going wide. Its very hard to tip his shot and its very hard to get a rebound off it as well, just get him off the PP.
Actually, i disagree 100% on putting any fault on Lups.

He is supposed to screen the tender when a shot comes from the point, thats his job . You gotta know that if he does not do it, there will be hell waiting for him when he gets back to the bench.

And then you start to get a bad chain reaction.

Well if Lups won't screen, why should I (insert name) risk my health, season?, kinda deal. It sets a bad example for all.

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