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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Another anonymous day for the danes. Philip Larsen didn't play.
No danish points and Mikkel Bødker missed his shootout attempt.
Only dane that (might) see action tonight is Lars Eller for Montreal.
Actually now 41 NHL matches for the danes and NO GOALS even strength and only 2 in all (PP goals).
Hope they can get news about an olympic qualification success - that might give them an extra boost.

So far:
Frans Nielsen OG 7A in 7 games +2
Mikkel Bødker 1G 4A in 8 games +4
Jannik Hansen 0G 3A in 8 games +2
Philip Larsen 1G 0A in 6 games -3
Peter Regin 0G 0A in 8 matches +2
Lars Eller 0G 0A in 4 games -2

Only Frans Nielsen has lived up to our expectiations. Mikkel Bødker and Jannik Hansen are solid defensively but have produced less than expected.
Philip Larsen with a - statistics on a Dallas team with some defensive problems, but has scored a PP goal.
Peter Regin is playing lower line and has +2 - Goal: Has to stay uninjured this season, so we werent expecting much when he gets 4'th line minutes.
Lars Eller's situation is critical with no production, a - statistics and doghouse time.
Well Boedker did get a point. An assist on the Vrabata-goal which brings him to 6 points in 8 games. That's third on his team and similar to Dany Heatley, Zach Kassain, Tom Gilbert, Daniel Sedin, Milan Michalek, Brad Richards, Ray Whitney, Andy McDonald, Nicklas Backstrom, David Backes and Joel Ward. Fine company.

Don't know why he hasn't lived up to your expectations? Sure he's isn't on a hot streak but you can't be that all year round. I think you're punishing him for being on a Dave Tippett-team. The times I've seen him play he's been good and his name is enjoying a lot of respect at the moment in the among Pacific-posters as a quality offensive thread. Playing for Dave Tippett it goes without saying he's good defensively

Lars Eller and Philip Larsen is having a poor start to the season. Both caused by them self but exaggerated by the management of two teams with desperate desire to see results now instead of being patient. Jannik is were I'd expect on a Vancouver-team searching for offense. He's among the top 6 forwards in points in Vancouver. Not the best circumstances but still... Regin has - as you stated - one goal for the most of the season: Stay healthy. He's not been injured and has had a highlight play or two so he's at a neutral point right now.

Frans' been great but his performance isn't the bar for all of the others. And points isn't really what should be only thing he's measured on. Equally important he's been great on the PK AND PP(He's becoming Islanders serious answer to guys like Loui Eriksson, J. Stoll, Bergeron) and his line is usually good in both ends. He's been really good. You could perhaps use that as a measure for Jannik Hansen both he will never have the offensive responsibilities Frans is being handed so it would be a mute point.

We're missing the goals but when it rains it pours. It's been a mixed start. Some good, some status quo, some bad.

My 6-8 game power ranking:

++: Frans
+: Boedker, Jannik Hansen
0: Regin
-: Philip Larsen
--: Lars Eller

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