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02-02-2013, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I'm sure it wasn't like they were holding the kids down and forcing the beer down their throats either.

Kids do stupid ****. Kristo should have known better as a senior and a team leader, and deserved the team-imposed suspension. But I think everyone can agree that jail is a little extreme for this "crime".
Now that I actually live in the US, I understand te cultural differences. The US isn't laissez faire when it comes to minors drinking, in Canada, a teen drinking is a right of passage.

I live in a county where I can't even buy any liquor, only beer. The baptists have outlawed it. I drive 20 miles to the next county. The entire state can't sell any liquor on Sundays.

They take their **** serious down here. Cops are everywhere, some places have three different police forces patrolling, city cops, county sheriffs an state troopers. I got pulled over last week for going 3 mph over the speed limit.

The US can be extremely different than Canada.

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