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Originally Posted by Mazzie View Post
Anyone who thinks that having a guy like Scott out there, who's job it is to hump it around the ice, yapping and throwing elbows at the little guys, isn't a distraction is kidding themselves. If this kind of mental game didn't work, nobody would be doing it.
these players have played probably 100 or more games per year so thousands of some form of organized hockey for 15 to 30 years; they've played against every conceivable type of player and if your brain is consciously worrying about who is out there they would get destroyed be it puck or collision; certainly they are consciously aware but its a reaction sport and if htey let this stuff creep in they are gone from the league fast

They just play, they react....the North Stars player Alex Piruis who was at the forefront of the famous brawl at Boston Garden that led the image of the ages John Wensink skating to the bench and challenging the entire Minny roster, said he never realized it was Stan Jonathan he collided with and ended up in the first battle at center ice, until they started to go- it happened so fast

I don't think it is any distraction one bit until Scott actually commits the act. There has been plenty of Scotts thru each of their history- much more undisciplined than Scott. An OHL player told me last year the worry is getting hit by such young guys who don't quite grasp the technique, concept, respect. This player told me he got a concussion because he got hit that way- the kid didn't have any vengence or malice he just made a bad front to back hit.

I'm curious which Bruins will stay away from making a play because Scott is out there and be intimidated...I cant think of one

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