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02-02-2013, 08:56 AM
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Haha, I'll eat some crow here too. And pay up if I'm the one that was on the other side of that bet.

Clarkie's far exceeded my expectations and grown into his contract. To his credit he made his game better. Must have worked on his skating. He used to skate bowlegged, like he just took a dump in his pants, and get knocked off the puck easily. He has better form and is stronger. And the frequency of clarkarounds has decreased substantially.

He still takes too many low percentage, non-rebound generating shots, and I wish he would cut the incessant whining about everything to the officials, although that gymnastic backflip in front of the goal trying to draw a trip the other night provided some entertainment.

Overall, a huge positive for the team and an amazing turnaround for a career that could have ended in total obscurity.

No way he should be given 5 though. The math just doesn't work.

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