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02-02-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by nords1995 View Post
Thornton vs Scott had nothing to do with the game issue.

The 5-3 break - undisciplined decisions, unusual defensives mistakes and Miller are more related to our defeat.

I thought we were actually quite dominating this game. Sabres though did capitalize on all their opportunities while Bruins did not.

Regarding Thornton, I am with WhamBamCam8. While I am not a big fan of retaliation, I do beleive that Thornton would have deserve more support.

On those picking on Thornton for his loss, I can't understand. Thornton is in everybodies faces for numbers of years for the bruins and his teamates. Was part of this SC Bruins edition. Is paid for what he did, and has always delivered. I beleive he is one of the best in his role NHL wide. Thornton is part of how that team is built.

I don't pass over a guy (Thornton) losing one battle to a giant with 8 inches and 60 pounds bigger, doing his job for my team and disrespecting the same guy for losing the same fight. The guy got injured, and hope he comes back. That guy did pay the price for the Bruins. I do beleive that the Bruins did react differently to what I would have thought before the fight though.

As for our third line, Paille fitted well, and that line look very well against the Sabres. I would not mind having more toughness on the third or the fourth line with Campbell and Thonrnton.

Wish the best to Thornton, hope he will come back soon.

Go Bruins...
Why all the brain farts.

Maybe they were thinking about something other that the game???

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