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02-02-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Gary320 View Post
1. I agree. I think it's a double edged sword on that one. But I think saying he's playing is going to add more fuel.
I don't see how it would. Now the papers are left to wonder if the guy is playing and writing stories on what's going on. Makes no sense to create a story when there need not be one.

If MT seriously felt that he should play on Sunday instead of today (which makes absolutely no sense) then ****ing say so.
Originally Posted by Gary320 View Post
2. Who says PK doesn't know he's playing? The media interviews don't really give us any indication of the truth, for this scenario or any past.
When asked if he was playing the guy said "I have no idea." And he seemed pretty embarassed when he was asked about it.
Originally Posted by Gary320 View Post
Oh and, I also didn't say it would make the team a TEAM. I said that in regards to the public, not revealing weather or not he's going to play. (Lets assume PK knows that he's playing).. it shows the media that listen, Yes we know PK is a superstar, but doesn't mean he is the TEAM. We will treat him like another play, and will 'discuss' weather or not he plays tomorrow.
But... they wouldn't treat any other player like this. That's the point. They are going out of their way to "put him in his place."
Originally Posted by Gary320 View Post
I'm laying this on complete assumption, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mike knew he would start and PK was already aware.

Anyway, we will find out around noon anyway. 4
I can't remember the last time one player had so many threads and posts about him.. in the matter of a few weeks.
If he knew and PK knew... then why not just say it. What the **** is the point of this little game?

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