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02-02-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by gleanerguy View Post
Not saying there will be a "masterpiece rebuild." There's a systematic process that is designed to make them competitive every a team that, if they work hard, play their system and get good goaltending, they will be competitive and in position to win enough games to contend for in the mix with Moncton and X and PEI for one of those playoff spots...consistently, every year. And some year, when all the breaks go their way, perhaps win a championship. Certainly having veterans quit and having three guys hurt in a car accident are not part of the plan. But some of the guys he's brought in over the past couple of years can play: Groenheyde can play. Poulin can play. Sanza and Bonneau can play. Not making excuses...they're 3-23 and have been painful to watch by times this season. They'll be better next year -- perhaps not ready to make giant strides forward, because, even if you are successful in bringing in eight recruits -- which represents more than a third of the roster -- they'll need time to acclimatize and adjust to the AUS level, which is often better than even the best recruits realize at first. But I think Ryan is the right guy. He's taken on projects like this before and rebuilt them successfully and I'm sure that was part of the attraction of hiring him at STU in the first place...they probably could have gotten somebody with a flashier record and more glamourous credentials. They elected to go with a guy who has followed this map before. It's not a quick fix, unfortunately. And the rest of the league isn't going to stand by and watch you do it either -- everybody's in the business of trying to get better.
I agree that STU hired the right guy in Troy Ryan. I know some very smart hockey people on the selection committee who were ecstatic to land Troy. I just don't think folks should write this awful season off as a foundation building year or part of a sytematic process when this outcome could make things worse in the future. Even with some of the bad luck you mentioned (other teams also had some bad luck), nobody ever expected this bad of a performance. Bottoming out and rebuilding in the Maritime League is a completely different ballgame where bad seasons are compensated by high draft picks and bottoming out teams have the luxury of trading graduating players for young up and comers and more draft picks. Bottoming out in the CIS just makes it more difficult to recruit and retain quality players.

This offseason is going to be a huge one for STU. Ryan's going to have to scratch and claw to land several quality recruits. Not an easy task given some of the handcuffing he has received from the university. Last year the talk was that the new facility would bring in tons of great recruits. Sure there were a couple of good ones (where would they be without Groenheyde?) but I'd say overall a very mediocre class. This spring is going to be a harder sell given the horrendous record.

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