Thread: Confirmed with Link: No more triple low five
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02-02-2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I don't see how it would. Now the papers are left to wonder if the guy is playing and writing stories on what's going on. Makes no sense to create a story when there need not be one.
Yeah, that's actually a good point that I didn't see. Would probably make this 'playing' with the media, completely back fire into his face.

If MT seriously felt that he should play on Sunday instead of today (which makes absolutely no sense) then ****ing say so.
On that point, if he doesn't play today but plays tomorrow (win or loss today) than that is just stupid. Especially since there is no practice today and practicing by himself, wouldn't really put him anymore into game shape.

When asked if he was playing the guy said "I have no idea." And he seemed pretty embarassed when he was asked about it.
I didn't see that expression. Mostly because I read the quotes. If true, good point.

But... they wouldn't treat any other player like this. That's the point. They are going out of their way to "put him in his place."

If he knew and PK knew... then why not just say it. What the **** is the point of this little game?
I'd rather assume that he already knows, because it's a ****ing piss off if you're letting your #2 d-man, out of the loop 24 hours before the game.

On another note.
If anyone seen the new one minute video on for 24/CH. There is a shot of Subban going into the team buss (assuming back home or maybe to the arena on Wednesday) and he's talking with Price and he asks Price how are things around here. Price states things are good and then he says "Things have changed around here" and he gives him a look.. that you can take TWO different ways. Either a joke or how he's a problem. Depends on what side of the table you are on. Pretty crazy, too bad their isn't a longer conversation to know what they said afterwards

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