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02-02-2013, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
In every defensive statistical category? One stat that he definitely isn't even in the discussion is penalty killing because he isn't trusted to do it.

Zajac had one bad year and was injured for pretty well all last year. The two years prior he had superior offensive numbers, is trusted to be one of their top PK guys and has more size (which is still an asset). He also got paid UFA wages so I don't consider that an ideal comparison.

Krejci was the # 2 center on the Cup winning Bruins who have been one of the best defensive units in the league for quite a few years where he is trusted to be one of their top PKers. He has the edge once again.

I'd also rather use guys like M. Richards, Benn, Kane, Krejci and Sharp as comparables.

Grabo works his butt off which is great to watch as a fan but a lot of the time he looks like he's doing more then he actually is. Grabo is also 29 and with how he skates around with his head down all the time I don't trust him to not be playing at the same level in years 3, 4 and 5 of that contract.

The Leafs need size and an edge in their top six. For years I've heard we can't loss this guy or that secondary guy then they just get older. In recent seasons it was we can't loss Ian White and a couple seasons ago we can't loss Kulemin. Now some people which we had of traded Kulemin. Lately it's been we can't ever loss Gunnarson despite long term having Phaneuf, Gardner, Rielly, Liles, Ranger (potentially) and Finn all as left side D.

For once I'm saying why don't we trade the best player at a high value point (deadline) because we have his replacement in Kadri. Take whatever we get from Grabo and head into the off-season/draft and truly look at making a big deal with little downside.

Other teams trade their better players all the time and come out better for it because they gain assets and cap flexibility. Why can't we?
PK is not a testament to how good you are defensively

Pavel Datsyuk mr. defense himself is 12 in Detorit for SH TOI/G

Then you have guys like Grabner who is terrible defensively yet plays then PK since his speed allows them to maintain possession. Being a good PKer does not make someone a good defensive center PK specialists are usually bottom 6 guys who cant really do anything else, guys who if they block a shot and are injured in the process wont really be a huge loss to the team. If you knew anything about hockey you would no how off you are on this. Look up advanced defensive statistics and tell me again how Grabovski doesnt match up to Zajac and Krejci defensively

Dont have time to doo it myself and im sure he woont mind but this was from another thread...

Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
2011-2012 stats:

Grabovski vs Zajac

Corsi Rel QoC
0.686 vs 0.608

Corsi Relative
+14.9 vs -3.8

GF ON/60 - GF OFF/60
+0.66 vs -1.21

GA OFF/60 - GA ON/60
+0.20 vs -0.65

Zajac only played a small amount of games though so let's look at 2010-2011...

Corsi Rel QoC
0.465 vs 0.708

Corsi Relative
+21.3 vs +3.7

GF ON/60 - GF OFF/60
+1.21 vs +0.61

GA OFF/60 - GA ON/60
+0.29 vs -0.26

So yeah, given all that information I'm going to have to go with Grabovski. He has been given the toughest defensive assignments for a center on the Leafs the past 2 years and the team has been significantly better while he was on the ice, while with Zajac his team has been either slightly better or significantly worse. Grabovski has also been the much better scorer the past two seasons.

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