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02-02-2013, 11:11 AM
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This game was all about goaltending. Pavelec simply didn't let us have a chance. Out of his 5 goals:

1) Was a tip in on the PP. Defense should've had the stick
2) Bad angle shot on the 5 on 3.
3) Completely out of position on a 5 on 3.
4) Tip on the PP. Again defense fault
5) Bad angle shot that went in the 5 hole

To me 3 out of 5 are clearly Pavelecs fault, and he should let at most one of those goals in per game in order for us to win. Tampa Bay was constantly trying tip in shots and east-west passing. Our defense doesn't track people properly in front of the goalie, we seem to ignore tip-ins.

I said it last year and I'll say it again, we really don't have a good goalie.

The positives out of this game? Our PK was great at tying up passing lanes, and was somewhat aggressive. They just have to be better in front of the net with tying up sticks. Our main Pker has to be better as well.

Scheifele was good. He had a couple icings and at least one giveaway, but his faceoffs were great. He seemed to win the majority of them pretty clean, and the ones he lost weren't clean at all. His forecheck was good, zone entry was good, backchecking was good, just his timing is off with shots. One thing I noticed with Scheifele that I really liked is if it's two on two coming into our zone and he's third man in, he'll put the brakes on a bit and cover their third man. I don't think I ever see any Jets do this. His vision/IQ will be the highest on our team in the future. He also needs to work on staying further away from the puck carrier. Often he's too close to receive a pass, or he slows down the puck carrier through the neutral zone.

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