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12-15-2003, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by BobMckenzie
As much as I love free publicity, just to set the record straight, here's what I said:

Fleury is, of course, the No. 1 goalie. I said Harding or Ward would likely be the back up and my guess is Harding has the edge.

On defence, I said Phaneuf, Meech, Coburn, Belle, White and Seabrook look to be solid as the top six and that Klein, Gorges and Egener would battle for the last spot. I liked Klein for that one, but I also said one of the other two could be told to hang by the phone in case White's ankle doesn't respond in Europe. One of the two cuts could be airlifted in to replace White if need be.

Up front, I said the following nine players were locks: Dawes-Richards-Stewart; Getzlaf-Carter-Burns; Paille-Talbot-Brent. I then said Dixon, Crosby, Tambellini, Perry, Colliton and Brodziak would be competing for the final four spots up front. I said I believed Dixon and Crosby would get spots, which means that four very good players -- Tambellini, Perry, Colliton and Brodziak -- would be competing for two spots. My bet is Tambellini gets one of them, after that who knows, but my guess is Colliton or Perry.

We'll find out in a few hours, but I wanted to make it clear exactly what I projected, speculated and guessed on, because there was a little bit of each in the report I filed from Kitchener, which by the way was filed before and during the final game against the OUA all-stars.

Bob McKenzie
Why are you so high on Dixon, I see him all year so I know what he brings to an international team but I was wondering why you are keen on him. From what I hear he is average so far at the camp.