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02-02-2013, 10:15 AM
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Of course we're targeted nightly, we're the Big, Bad Bruins. The problem is around the league too many people seem to think that means the Bruins are at times a dirty team. How many 5 on 3s have we had to kill in just the first seven games? Between Shanahan seeming to go out of his way to find a reason to suspend B's players and the refs calling every ticky-tack penalty against us, you're seeing some of the gutless teams like the Sabres feel emboldened to see how far they can push things.

Paille got highsticked in the face right in the middle of the play, and they weren't going to call anything until he showed blood. Hamilton gets elbowed in the head, Bergeron driven into the boards, no call. It's amazing that if we fart near someone the refs are there to call the penalty, but they miss blatant calls when our guys are getting cheapshotted around the puck. And let's be honest, our power play is so colossally inept that there's no real threat to another team taking a penalty for crossing the line because we're not going to make them pay for it on the scoreboard anyway.

We got outscored 6-1 over the last 25 minutes and got pushed around doing it. Ugly game? Yeah. Uncharacteristic collapse by the defense? Yeah. But unless this happens several games in a row, it was one bad game. It happens. Get back to playing Bruins hockey, and this goes on the back burner till the next Sabres game. Then we need to pound the living **** out of those twerps.

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