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02-02-2013, 11:18 AM
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That's the great thing about this condensed sched. We get to find out right away what goon teams think about the other night.

The B's have no business even acknowledging Colton Orr out there, but I'm sure he'll be right there opening faceoff, pissing in Looch's ear lol! I just hope we don't overreact and waste a roster spot on some nuclear warhead just to take 1 player off the ice every other game. The B's roll 4 effective and versatile lines. That's how we grind teams down and ultimately win in the 3rd. Not some silly notion of not backing down EVER. There's a time to fight, and our players know better than most when that time is. Not so much the other night.

I ain't buying that the B's are forever intimidated by goon teams. Teams who employ these guys are easy to deal with and absolutely nothing to worry about. Maybe they were in the 70's, 80's and 90's, but not now. That era died when the instigator rule came in. Unfortunately, I think some of the league (and some of our fans) are stuck in that dead era.

The guys should have some fun with this. If they want to trot goons out you, your supposed to chirp em, then score on em. Then when the media runs to our players after the games to call them chicken ****: just laugh it off, and tell em "we prefer it when teams throw their fat goons out at us. Makes playing pro hockey a lot easier"...or something to that effect. Have fun and troll the league. It's hockey.

People need to think about this: what can super plugs like John Scott and Colton Orr REALLY do to you out there? Hurt your feelings when he accosts you. Let em bray like an ass. All you have to do is give em a little whack on the back of the legs and maybe call em fat or something, and he'll take himself right out of the game after that. These meatheads are that easily provoked into putting their teams short handed. You don't even have to fight em, because they can't contribute to the successes of their respective teams in any other fashion. So target them psychologically, and exploit their very presence. Problem solved. Not a big deal.

Now PP maintenance is something to focus on. They've been better this year, but that doesn't make them good. Right from our uncoordinated entries>to our stationary set up>to our indecision with the puck>to our craptacular passing>to our shot selection. These guys are pro's ffs. How can they make something so easy, look so bloody complicated? This thing looks like an unfolded lawn chair some nights. It's like we forget how to hockey when we're up a man. That's something to be concerned about...goons lol!

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