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02-02-2013, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by CaptainIginla View Post
Thanks God, PK has a strong confidence in himself
Put Eller/Pacioretty through all the unnecessary bashing going on/the signing situation/the you-wont-play situation etc etc and you destroy a young mans career
The last one was: Latendresse

MT is being ridiculous, why are they giving the media even more things to bash PK about?
But then I might think that maybe Price told Therrien he doesnt like the 3-l-5 ? And hes kinda feeling awkward telling PK "stop low fiving me" ?
The differences in Lats and PK are way too long to mention here, but in almost all of them PK comes out on top.

Pacioretty asked to stay in the minors to work on his game to become more prepared for his eventual role (top 6). PK tried to be the show as soon as he got drafted.
Pacioretty signed a bridge contract (worse than PK's) played his ass off and proved he deserved his long term deal (at a hometown discount). PK.. nuff said.
Eller finds himself in a bit of a situation right now, not because of attitude or even playing ability. He finds himself almost lumped in with the rookies. Which in many respects he still is. It take power forwards longer to develop.... almost as much time as Dmen.

The past few seasons in Mtl have been like an episode of the twilight zone. Injuries... bipolar management...schitzo coaches...the saga of Lats and Laps, the Kostys... 2 french players who got too much press too soon and became a celebrity distraction. Two Russians who had similar problems....Lots of praise... lots of criticism... seemingly little control asserted from management and we have 4 very talented players who would now be veterans (quite useful ones maybe). None of them was ever going to be an elite player in the league and win individual trophies.

PK is, everything you can want in a player. Talent combined with an overwhelming desire to succeed. By all accounts he has a great work ethic. So what's the problem...PK was thrust into a role he has the talent for but was not ready for. Not his fault, no one on our D was going to be any better at it..... efforts were made to bring in guys but in all cases PK was still the better call. As a 3rd year DMan, he'll just be starting to come into his own. Yes he did well his 1st 2 years, that should indicate just how great he'll be. What Terrien and MB are trying to do is what should have been done 2 years ago... treat him like a young player ... yes I realize he's been benched before... but at the time that hurt the team more than him. PK will still play big minutes, but much like the Gally's his MT will try to put him in situations where he can succeed (even more). I hope they can stay with the plan, I think PK will hoist a cup with us sooner than later.

Pro Hockey players are not fragile psyches, they've put up with criticism at every level. They pick themselves up and move forward, fail, or get a fresh start somewhere else. Patches is very smart and has managed to steer clear of controversy, doesn't mean he doesn't get grief from the coach. With Eller, time will tell what his character is. We all know the Lats and Laps saga. It should say volumes that he wasn't able to stick in Minny. Laps went to a much better fit for him. I haven't heard the name Kostitsyn all year

PK gets a chance now to show his character. So far he's doing it well and saying the right things. He's gonna be a great player, hopefully for us forever.

The low 5 was a spur of them moment invention from 2 kids just new in the league and having fun... (see Gally X 2). Price had his fair share of "signature" moves, so has PK.. youthful exuberance is good.... but.... Time to put the big boy pants on now, let the kids be the kids... if you wanna be paid like a veteran, prove you can act like one.

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