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02-02-2013, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by overtheboards View Post
Junior Sens lose again against Gloucester
Cumberland major upset over hawks
Good game by the Rangers and Johnston played well in nets----but more importantly I hope that Jansz is alright, looks like year is done for him but hopefully I am wrong.

My ref blast for the week---Gloucester scores,everyone in arena sees its over the line( i was at far blue line and could see white between puck and goaline) but O'Keefe waves no goal. He turns to ask goaljudge(light went on) and then waves no again. Knowing the goal judge I ask him after the period if it was is---his response "ref asked if it was in, I said without a doubt,thats why the light came on" O'Keefe turns and waves no goal. Now this was never about when it crossed line because whistle never blew----so please why would you ask for help and then go against it----only conclusion is because O'Keefe didnt want to admit he was wrong. Funny thing is Supervisor of officials was sitting near us, and I doubt it was even brought up.

Based on this play alone---i may have changed my opinion of worst referee from Coleman to O'Keefe, only because of his complete ignorance in trying to get a call right, because he said NO and thats it. If i was the volunteer goal judge I would have gone to refs room after period---told O,Keefe to go $%^%$% himself and quit.

Rant over, all the best to Jansz and his recevery.

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