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02-02-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by PuckInTheNards View Post
And yet, you make the argument the exact same way. He's not a top defenseman because you say so. In fact, the people most able to make that decision all (I.e. the Wild coaching staff) all say that he his a top 2. Anyone who consistently watches him or plays with him have all agreed that he's a special talent. But hey... So some guy on the Internet disagrees so every single person who plays with or writes about him must be wrong. Yeah.
You're acting like Minnesota fans are such better observers of talent that they can obviously see how Brodin is some "special talent" and one of the best defensemen in the NHL already while no one else can see this.

Find me proof of coaches saying Brodin is a #1 or #2 defensemen already. I can guarentee they've never said that, no coach would ever throw that on a 19 year old defensemen who's hardly played in the NHL. So unless you can substantiate that claim that the Wild coaches have flat out come out and said Brodin is a top pairing defensemen (NOT a player playing on a top pairing, there is not 60 top pairing defensemen in the league, there is at most 25).

This is one of the most homer claims I've ever seen on these boards, and that saying something. Brodin may have the upside of a top pairing defensemen, he may become one, but he is absolutely not one after 4 games. Absolutely not, and you said "Well we watch him and we say so" isn't going to convince anyone. I'm challenging the claim that he is a #1 or #2 defensemen, and if you guys can't prove he is one, than do I have to say anything else?

And currently, you haven't come close to proving he is one besides saying "We know he's this and if you disagree you're just some uninformed person on the interent, everyone involved in hockey can see he's one of the best defensemen in the NHL (But we don't have to prove they say this because we're informed and you're not)."

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