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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Well,aside from these weaknesses the bigger picture of concern is that our vaunted offense hasE trended down the last 5 games...only 13 goals for in that span; only 10 goals for in last 4 vames...also the vaunted PP is below league average on ratio of PP goals to total goals scored...the
NHL average is about 1 PP for every 3 goals scored...but ours is only 7 in 24 total goals skill team equals great offense and PP? Nope..not what appears to be the case and trending down..time both our vaunted stars and support guys elevated back to living up to expectations or they willbeleft in the dust by so many other teams and go go guys around tje league...cannot have a wbole 2nd line go MIA like Sharp Bolland and Kane did vs. THE WILD...stop reading your hype..start putting more biscuits into the basket..e5 point in a night Vaneks apparently are NOT on Q's team...alas..but at leasr we don't(yet) have a Kessroblem..b.ut if the lack of big burst offense continues--we might.
The NHL for the short 2013 season is 1 PP goal for every 3 goals scored. Last season it was 1 PP goal scored for every 4.6 goals scored. I'm willing to believe the larger sample size over the smaller one with the caveat that penalties are up so PP goals should be up. Also your stat is most likely driven by low scoring teams that NEED the PP in order to score goals. The Hawks are not one of those teams. I would much rather have a team that is capable of scoring at even strength.

Right now Chicago's PP is around 20%. If they maintain that proportion then they will have a successful PP definitely in the top 1/3. Only when they fall below 16% will I worry that last seasons' woes are back.

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