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02-02-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
I also believe that so long as Bettman is in charge, he will not want to admit failure in this matter. So he will fight until the very last possible moment when there is absolutely no possibility of leaving the team here. But as soon as Bettman is gone, if the ownership hasn't been resolved, the team will be leaving.
Atlanta was saying the same thing. Granted, the situations are actually not that comparable. ASG was hostile and the Thrashers had nowhere to play. Glendale has spent a ton of money to keep the Coyotes and built them an arena. They are still willing to work with the league, and there are still buyers out there kicking the tires. It's not over. Not yet.

But don't think for a moment that the count won't sell us out over his pride. He absolutely will. Pride has no place in serious business, and he knows that, which is why he had to smile when moving Atlanta. Turned out to be a profitable move, but they still lost a major TV market and a southern city.

It's too early to call. What we need to know is (a.) How flexible is the new council? (b.) Taking that into account, how flexible is the NHL? They can't pretend like they are in negotiations guys. It has to be a matter of public record. We will know pretty quickly whether or not Gallacher or whomever is real, and if the NHL has any fight left in them.

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