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02-02-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
This is Nicklas Backstrom. Yea it's a big caphit but if he is available you don't argue but take it and then consider the cap hit. I like richards, brad or mike but they haven't hit 100 points, either of them yet. If you like Kopitar, and want him in our team, Backstrom is close as we can get to finding one.

Also Brad was a free-agent, when he was traded that was a team desperate to get rid of him due to their financial situation. Thornton situation was different as well, I don't even know what the hell happened, i Mean it's still all weird talking about it.
Brad didn't hit a 100 pts but he hit 91 pts and has a con smyth! That trumps Backstrom 101 pts... Also Brad wasn't playing with the best winger on earth at that time.

Backstrom would be no different that Mike/Brad or Joe if moved. He has an Albatross contract and is not playing great dominant hockey since 09/10'.

It seems he needs a change of scenery just like Brad/Mike/Joe and if that is the case expect a similar price.

also nobody has given 1 example of a #1 center in a trade that was a complete overpayment given a massive contract... i have given 3 examples

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